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Through to the End (最後まで, Saigo Made?) is the sixth episode of the 86 -Eighty Six- anime adaptation, originally broadcasted on May 15, 2021.


A summer day with strong sunlight. Spearhead squadron, heading for battle as usual, passes by a certain place. It used to be the place where everyone had a cherry-blossom viewing during the cherry blossom season, right after they were assigned to the Spearhead squadron. Boys and girls gathered here from different units. The night when there was no attack on Legion just four months ago, when he was excited about the story of the person he was interested in and was flirting with finding a shooting star. The members nostalgicly remembered that they were enjoying a fleeting feast with their friends.[1]


Four years in the past, a young Shin searches through an old battlefield before finding Shourei's headless corpse. In the present the Legion begins rapidly evolving its tactics to counter Spearhead's ambushes, and Spearhead suffers two casualties—Daiya and Lecca—in their latest battle. Shin is forced to mercy kill Daiya to prevent the Legion from harvesting his brain. It's revealed that Shin is focused on finding Shourei's missing head, and that Shourei attempted to strangle him in the past in a fit of rage, blaming him for the deaths of their parents. Lena celebrates her birthday with Annette and asks her what would happen to anybody with an abnormal reaction to Para-RAID, and Annette explains that an Eighty-Six would be dissected for study while a Handler would undergo an examination before being transferred. She then petitions her uncle to provide additional military support to Spearhead and replacements for their losses, but he refuses, instead ordering her and Spearhead to attack a Legion base under construction. Shin agrees to carry out the mission, knowing it is likely a trap. Lena tells Shin more about her memories of Shourei, and quickly comes to realize that she has feelings for Shin.[2]






Timestamp Track Name
0:00 – 1:32 4N
3:37 – 5:08 Two Worlds Apart (inst.)
7:03 – 9:07 Underneath the Sky
9:45 – 11:27 Trigger or Die
13:17 – 14:25 No Reality
14:29 – 14:59 死者の声
16:51 – 19:28 Reality
20:58 – 22:05 pianoVIIIVI-iv
22:08 – 22:31 Hands Up to the Sky

Differences from Light Novel[]

  • Everything after the opening is original content. The cherry blossom picnic's conversation is loosely based on the Triage Black Tag side story, included in Volume 10.