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Real Name (本当の名前を, Hontō no Namae o?) is the fourth episode of the 86 -Eighty Six- anime adaptation, originally broadcasted on May 1, 2021.


As Lena gave a few words to mourn the dead of the Spearhead Squadron, Theo let out his suppressed anger at Lena. He was calmed down by Raiden, saying he was out of line. Theo regained his composure, but he and the other members were certainly not in the mood to chat with Lena any further. The Spearhead Squadron, who always lives in a world next to death, continues to have its usual daily routine even after Kaie's death. Theo, however, cannot get over the things he had said to Lena. While he did not regret what he said, he regretted how he said it. Through pondering about the Handler, he remembers another foolish Alba that made a profound impact on him in his past.[1]


Theoto is chastised by the rest of Spearhead for his rant. Even though they don't disagree with what he has said, they do find issue with how he said it, and they're now convinced Lena will transfer out. Meanwhile, Lena is left to reflect on idealism, especially after talking with her uncle and Annette and realizing how she is still subconsciously prejudiced against the Eighty-Six. She privately calls Shin to apologize with how she's acted, and asks him to give her the real names of the Spearhead members. Shin further explains that in his original unit, it was a custom for the longest surviving member to preserve the names and memories of the members killed in action, so they will not be forgotten. Shin has carried this responsibility with him to Spearhead, and has collected 561 names to date. Shin then connects Lena to the rest of Spearhead, where she apologizes to them for making assumptions about them and asks them to tell her their real names, and tells them her name in return. While Spearhead ultimately accepts Lena's apology and accepts her as their Handler, they remind Lena that as long as she commands them while safe behind the Republic's walls, they will never view her as a true equal to them. Later that night, Lena calls Shin again, realizing that he never told her his name. When Shin tells Lena his name, she then asks if he knows a man named Shourei Nouzen, and Shin reveals that Shourei is his brother.[2]





Timestamp Track Name
0:00 – 1:28 pianoVIIIVI-ii
3:16 – 4:02 6eighty
4:23 – 6:14 同じ空の黄昏
6:17 – 8:44 No Reality
8:56 – 9:33 幼き日の記憶
10:51 – 12:40 Reality
14:57 – 17:41 pianoVIIIVI-iv
17:45 – 18:08 Hands Up to the Sky
20:03 – 22:51 Underneath the Sky

Differences from Light Novel[]

  • The Fox Commander's final words were cut from Theo's story.[† 1]



  1. "I know you guys hate me. It's natural—of course you would. That's why I never said anything. You have every right to hate me. Because I didn't come here to help you, nor did I come here to save you. I only just...knew I could never forgive myself if I let you guys fight for us alone. It scared me. I only came to the battlefield for my own sake. So it's only natural you'd never forgive me. Please. Never forgive me." — Fox Commander, Volume 1 Chapter 3.