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I Don't Want to Die (死にたくない, Shinitakunai?) is the third episode of the 86 -Eighty Six- anime adaptation, originally broadcasted on April 24, 2021.


They hunt, they cook, they wash. Even the Spearhead Squadron, who spends their days and nights in the thick of battle, has a peaceful, bustling life in the time they get to relax. Kurena cherishes the days she spends with her comrades, with whom she shares the same circumstances and who have survived many deadly battles. She has a secret crush on Shin, but is uncomfortable in the presence of Lena, who suddenly appears out of nowhere and tries to deepen the relationship with the squad members. The Para-RAID with Lena is connected at a fixed time every night. While some of the members of the squad, including Kurena, have a cold attitude towards Lena, Kaie takes an interest in Lena and starts to talk about their lives.[1]


Lena continues her conversations with Spearhead, though some of the members have mixed opinions of her. Kurena has a deep resentment, due to the fact that she is jealous at how close Lena seems to be with Shin, as well as her anger at Alba in general due to her parents having been executed by them, while Kaie is fascinated by Lena due to her view on the situation. Meanwhile, Lena works to secure a more accurate map of the battlefield to assist Spearhead. Kaie then asks Lena why she cares so much about the Eighty-Six and Spearhead, and Lena reveals that while she was on the battlefield, her life was saved by a Processor, which made her realize that they are all human. However, Kaie warns Lena not to get too attached to them and recommends she transfer out, otherwise her idealism will come back to haunt her. In the next battle, Lena uses her new maps to help Spearhead set up in superior positions. However, despite the battle being a success, Kaie is apparently killed when her Juggernaut gets bogged down in a marsh and destroyed by an enemy unit. Lena apologizes to Spearhead for Kaie's death and blames herself for not spotting the marsh sooner. This causes one of the Processors—Theoto—to go off on a rant against Lena accusing her of merely pretending to care about the Eighty-Six while she stays safe in luxury behind the frontlines and is ignorant of how they truly feel about their situation, and finally points out how Lena hasn't bothered to learn any of their real names, instead referring to them only by Personal Names. Upon hearing all this, Lena begins to suffer an emotional breakdown.[2]






Timestamp Track Name
1:52 – 2:58 TararaTaTa
3:02 – 4:53 BuraraBaBa
5:20 – 6:00 6eighty
6:03 – 6:59 うんざり蹴ったり
7:11 – 7:22 うんざり蹴ったり
8:46 – 10:59 Underneath the Sky
11:39 – 12:27 No Reality
14:05 – 16:22 pianoVIIIVI-iv
18:15 – 19:46 spョar
19:57 – 20:34 Avid
21:51 – 23:34 pianoVIIIVI-ii

Differences from Light Novel[]

  • Daiya, Haruto, and Theoto sneaks up on the girls playing in the river which, by anime chronology, happens after the battle in the abandoned town (Episode 2). In the novel, this happened before the battle and served as an introduction to the Squadron members.
  • In this episode Kaie's death happens in the perspective of Lena only. In the novel, the perspective shifted between Lena and a third-person narrative in the battlefield detailing the moments before and after Kaie was murdered by a Löwe.