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It's Too Late (今更そんなこと, Imasara Sonna Koto?) is the second episode of the second cour and the thirteenth overall episode of the 86 -Eighty Six- anime adaptation, originally broadcasted on October 9, 2021.


It's been a month since they were taken into custody by the Federal Republic of Giad. Shin and his friends spent the their lives there as "normal" boys and girls, working part-time jobs and attending cooking classes. In the city, they saw a "peaceful daily life" that they've never experienced before. However, they only stared at that peace with unsettled expressions... After taking in the sights and sounds of the city, they came to a decision.[1]


One month after becoming Federacy citizens, Shin and his friends have been doing their best to adjust to civilian life within the Federacy. They do find that the Federacy is a much better country than the Republic, as they are treated as equals and not discriminated against. However, despite making friends and enjoying the luxuries the Federacy can provide, they cannot shake the feeling that they don't belong there, as their lingering guilt and trauma over their lost comrades leads them to believe they should keep fighting on the battlefield until the end. On the Eve of the Holy Birth, Shin and his friends finally come to the conclusion that they will return to the battlefield, much to Ernst's shock. He tries to convince them otherwise, but Frederica warns him that trying to override their personal decision would make him no different from the Republic. Ernst relents, but only on the condition that they all enroll in the Special Officer's Training School and become officers. Frederica also requests to go with them, revealing her true identity as Augusta Fredrica Adel-Adler, the last Empress of Giad. She also reveals that her royal blood gives her the power to view the past and present of the people she meets, and she saw how Shin defeated and freed Shourei from the Legion. She asks Shin to help her free her knight, Kiriya, who has also been turned into a Legion Shepherd. Shin agrees, and he, his friends, and Frederica depart for officer training.[2]





Differences from Light Novel[]

  • The scene when we see Raiden, Theo and Anju in their daily lives in Federacy is expanded from the source, which only mentioned their activities instead of showing them.
  • Raiden's reaction, as well as Theo and Anju's reaction, to the Vánagandr parade is original from the anime.
  • In light novel, Kurena is making a round of window shopping when she ends up seeing the parade across the street, unlike the anime where she is already inside a store.
  • The scene where Frederica watches TV is anime original.
  • Shin leaving with Frederica to buy a stuffed animal is anime original.
  • The dialogue between Raiden and Frederica at dinner has been slightly modified compared to the light novel. In the anime, Frederica finds out about Shin's brother, something that in the light novel is only known shortly after.
  • The after-credits scene is anime original, in order to connect with the events of episode 14.