Undertaker (アンダーテイカー Andāteikā) is the first episode of the 86: EIGHTY-SIX anime adaptation, originally broadcasted on April 11, 2021.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Republic of San Magnolia: in the shadow of the peaceful lives of its citizens, countless lives are being decimated. Juggernauts are unmanned combat machines manufactured by the Republic in order to fend off the Legion, an army of drones deployed by the neighboring rival - the Giadian Empire. However, the unmanned nature of the Juggernaut was nothing but a fabrication. The Juggernaut are piloted by a group of young boys and girls known as the "Eighty-Six", who continue to fight day and night to restore their rights that were stripped by the Republic. The Republican Major, Lena, who is determined to help liberate the Eighty-Six, is put in charge of the elite Spearhead Squadron. However, she comes across a suspicious rumor that the leader of the Squadron - Undertaker - has a tendency to destroy the psyche of the command Controller in charge.

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Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Republic of San Magnolia
    • Liberté et Égalité: Capital city and administrative center of the Republic.
      • Milizé Estate: Residence mansion of the Milizé household.
      • Palace Blancneige: Military headquarters of the Republic's Military.
    • Eastern Front: A frontier characterized by prairies, forests, and wetlands.
      • First Ward: A region where the Legion's advancement is the fiercest

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