The Eintagsfliege (アインタークスフリーゲ, Aintākusufurīge?) is an Electronic Disruption-type Legion that is in the shape and size of a butterfly and small enough to fit in the palm of a human. It is the only known airborne Legion and the name is derived from the German word for Mayfly. It is a model specialized in radio jamming. The powerful electromagnetic waves emitted from the aircraft can cause radio frequency interference in the area, blocking radio communications and radar.

They are the cornerstone of the Legion offensive, spreading out before an attack to confuse and jam radars and communications, masking the full brunt of the enemy force and then congregate in the sky like a huge "cloud" disabling to operate long-range guided missiles. They are also able to crash into the engine or damage vital mechanical parts by plunging into gaps of enemy aircrafts. They are one of the reasons aerial attacks from the enemy are rendered useless in a battle against the Legion.

They are also an contingent of extreme importance to the Legion in the ground who are the main offensive forces. They shower the ground with silver scale-like particles, resembling powdered snow, which regenerates the micro-machines that served as both the Legion's lifeblood and their nervous system.

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