The Eighty-Sixth Strike Package (第86独立機動打撃群 (ストライク・パッケージ), Dai-Hachijūroku Dokuritsu Kidou Dagekigun (Sutoraiku Pakkēji)?) is an independent mobile strike force created by the Federal Republic of Giad. As a foreign unit, it is primarily comprised of Eighty-Six Processors from the Republic of San Magnolia. The Strike Package is made up of two thousand Processors divided into four divisions. Each division is cycled in and out of operational activity, rest, and training. Each division is lead by the remnants of the 86th District's First Ward's First Defensive Squadrons of each front.

History[edit | edit source]

The Strike Package was created following the elimination of the Morpho and the relief of San Magnolia by the Nordlicht Squadron. Due to the unique circumstances, personnel, and equipment of the Nordlicht Squadron, as well as the influx of new Eighty-Six joining the Federacy's war effort, they were not integrated into the regular forces. Thus, the Strike Package was established as a unit of foreign soldiers focusing on mobile deployment, equipped with the highly successful XM2 Reginleif.

The Strike Package was initially composed of a single division comprised of 168 Processors from both the Republic's Eastern Front and the Federacy's Nordlicht Squadron. Their number would decrease to approximately 100 Processors following the Charité Operation. In order to bolster their forces, three more armored divisions were recruited from the veterans of the Republic's Northern, Southern, and Western fronts.

Role[edit | edit source]

The Strike Package is often sent to foreign battlefields and have accrued great achievements. Their role is to not only fight crucial battles, but also to increase public morale in the process. Despite the reluctance of its members, the Strike Package is seen as a company of tragic heroes by the Federacy, their stories of triumph lift the spirits of the populous.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Elimination of the Legion Unit "Morpho"
  • Seizure of the Charité Underground Labyrinth
  • Seizure of the Dragon Fang Mountain
  • Annihilation of Legion Production Sites
  • Capture of the Legion Unit "Merciless Queen"

Organization[edit | edit source]



  • [Unit Commander] Grethe Wenzel
    • [Tactical Commander] Vladilena Milizé
      • [Tactical Branch] - The crew commanding the Armored Control Vehicle "Vanadis".
      • [1st Armored Division]
      • [1st Armored Corps] - A force loaned to the Federacy by the United Kingdom following the success of the Dragon Fang Mountain Operation. Mainly comprised of Barushka Matushka and the Sirin-piloted Alkonosts.[2]
    • [Tactical Commander]
      • [2nd Armored Division]
        • [Operations Commander] Siri Shion
          • [First Squadron "Laser Edge"]
            • Siri Shion (Captain)
          • [Squadrons]
          • [Support Teams]
    • [Tactical Commander]
      • [3rd Armored Division]
        • [Operations Commander] Canaan Nyuudo[3]
          • [First Squadron "Longbow"]
            • Canaan Nyuudo (Captain)
          • [Squadrons]
          • [Support Teams]
    • [Tactical Commander]
      • [4th Armored Division]
        • [Operations Commander] Suiu Toukanya[3]
          • [First Squadron "Sledgehammer"]
            • Suiu Toukanya (Captain)
          • [Squadrons]
          • [Support Teams]
    • [Research Branch]
      • [Reginleif Division] - A team of researchers focused on the development of the Strike Package's Feldreß.
      • [Sensory Research Division] - A team of researchers focused on the development of the Para-RAID system.

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