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"Life, land, and legacy. All reduced to a number."

The Eighty-Six (エイティシックス, Eiti-shikkusu?) are the Colorata (有色種コロラータ, Kororāta?) from within the walls of the Republic of San Magnolia who were persecuted and exiled to the Eighty-Sixth Sector of the nation after the Giadian Empire declared war.


Even after the devastating defeats which annihilated Republic Armed Forces in less than a month, The Republic government refused to accept that they were defeated by the inferior Giadian Empire. Moreover, leaders of the Republic weren't willing to sacrifice their lavish lifestyle and jeopardize the lives of the citizens which it truly cared about—the Alba. Using the Colorata as a scapegoat, the Republic sent the Colorata into concentration camps isolated in the nonexistent Eighty-Sixth Sector and forced the Colorata to fight for their country while renouncing their citizenship.

The Eighty-Six were stripped of their documentation, their names are not to be used in military reports and their deaths are not to be recorded.[1] They are not even allowed to have graves.[2] This is so that the Republic could hide its atrocities from the people within and without once the war was over.[3] Despite this however, there exists military records filing the existence of the Eighty-Six, due to officers such as Vladilena Milizé frequently recording and seeking out the names of the Eighty-Six.


The Eighty-Six were exploited by the Republic starting from RY 358. They were forced into hard labor, human experimentation, conscription, and general cruelty. The Eighty-Six were sent to combat the Legion using simple suicide tactics, not even given the exoskeletons and equipment that armored infantry would receive in the Federal Republic of Giad or the Alliance of Wald. Once the Republic developed the M1A4 Juggernaut, the Eighty-Six were forced to pilot the Feldreß as Processors.

The Eighty-Six were rescued ten years later in RY 368 by the Federacy. By the time they were rescued, only ten thousand survived compared the millions of Colorata present in the Republic before the war. They were given the focus of the Federacy's support and granted citizenship, the orphans were even adopted by the former nobles of the Giadian aristocracy. The Eighty-Six which could not foresee a future of peace for themselves would volunteer as officers for the newly established Eighty-Sixth Strike Package. Most surviving Eighty-Six were either child Processors or adult mechanics who were spared from the fate which befell the rest of their generation.