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Dustin Jaeger (ダスティン・イェーガー, Dasutin Iēgā?) is a primary supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series introduced in Under Pressure.

His personal name is Sagittarius (サギタリウス, Sagitarius?).

He is the only Republic citizen who volunteered for the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package as a combatant.


Dustin is a tall, bespectacled adolescent with the Celena features of silver hair and eyes. While on duty he wears the standard deep-blue Republic uniform. His casual wardrobe includes dark blazers and black shirts.


Dustin is a fast learner, having been a valedictorian before volunteering. While initially clumsy and nauseated by the horrible sights of war, he adapted to the battlefield rather quickly. Dustin was also quick to see the hypocrisy of the Republic due to his circumstances. Such hypocrisy was a major factor in his enlistment.

He is also compassionate. He prefers not to burden Shin any further than they already do and gave up his blanket for Anju when they were trapped in the mountain shack. He was also particularly attentive to Anju's scars.

Dustin is moderately capable of reading the room, but somehow manages to make situations more awkward. He easily admits his desire to see Anju in a bikini without realizing that Shin (and by extension, everyone on comms) had been eavesdropping. He also walks in on a touching Shin and Lena moment after getting lost, making the embarrassment worse by telling them to not mind him and continue.


Dustin was born in the Giadian Empire and moved to the Republic when he was young. He originally resided in a sector with lots of other immigrants, raising him around mostly Colorata, who would be sent to the internment camps come the war's beginning. As a Celena, he was spared from the atrocities carried out on the Eighty-Six despite having been born in the Empire.

Dustin eventually moved to Liberté et Égalité. As the valedictorian of an academy in the Republic's capital, he was able to give a speech to his peers during the revolution festival. He spoke out against the crimes of his people and government, who treated the Eighty-Six as disposable livestock.

After the events of the Legion's invasion and the fall of the Republic, he volunteered for the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package in order to break the cycle of hatred and atone for standing by while his Eighty-Six classmates died on the front lines, as well as to right the hypocrisy of him escaping persecution while other immigrants suffered. Despite volunteering, he didn't have any prior military experience. As far as we know, he is the only Republic combatant in the Strike Package.


Volume 4: Under Pressure[]

Chapter 2[]

Dustin arrived at the base of the Eighty-Six Strike Package, along with Major Henrietta von Penrose, and introduced himself to Shin and other processors, albeit with some nervousness. Sensing the dark atmosphere due to Dustin being the Republic's citizen, Shin told Dustin to drop the formalities, which eased the tension between him and veteran processors.

After learning about the Eighty-Six's culture of deciding the position of leaders through the melee, Dustin tried to challenge Shin in the hope of blending in with the group. Before he could proceed, however, Dustin was challenged by Anju, who defeated him effortlessly.

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Volume 5: Death, Be Not Proud[]

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Volume 6: Darkest Before the Dawn[]

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Volume 7: Mist[]

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Volume 8: Gun Smoke on the Water[]

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Volume 9: Valkyrie Has Landed[]

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Anju Emma[]

Anju and Dustin share an awkward relationship. Dustin is open about his attraction and feelings towards Anju, yet Anju has not gotten over her love for Daiya. Anju cannot see Dustin as a love interest, but still enjoys his company. During the formal event in the Alliance of Wald where they danced together, Anju confessed that while she may never be able to see him in the way she saw Daiya, she did not want to lose Dustin either.


Combat Skill[]

Though he is noted for his admirable spirit, Dustin practically has zero combat experience. It is for this reason that Anju personally requests him to be in her platoon, as his piloting skill and experience are considerably lower than other processors. Since her platoon is in charge of suppression fire, they are usually stationed behind other platoons, a safer position for rookies like Dustin.[3] Like Anju, his personal Reginleif is equipped with the MLRS, with an addition of smoke dischargers to provide cover during battle.[2]


  • “Second Lieutenant Dustin Jaeger. I’ll be under your command as of today. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”


  • The name "Dustin" originated from the Old Norse Þorsteinn (Torsten), Meaning Thor's stone.
  • Jaeger, Jager, or Jäger means "hunter" in German.