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The Dinosauria (重戦車型ディノザウリア, Dinozauria?) is the Heavy Tank Type Legion unit. It greatly outclasses the other standard Legion types, such as the Ameise, Grauwolf, and Löwe. This unit was once used as the host of Shourei Nouzen, which was later destroyed by the Spearhead Squadron.


As one the heaviest class of the standard Legion types, the Dinosauria weighs 100 tons and is able to easily trample and crush its adversaries. It's large 155 mm cannon allows for superior fire power compared to the Löwe, and both its 75 mm coaxial cannon and the twin 12.7 mm machine guns allow it to pick off smaller, lightly armored targets such as the M1A4 Juggernaut. It is heavily armoured all around and even the top of the turret is impenetrable by the 57mm cannon on the Juggernaut. The only weak spot on the vehicle is the engine vent on the back end of the hull. The specific Dinosauria manned by the vestiges of Rei was able to use Liquid Micromachine "arms" to perform various tasks.

A rare flamethrower equipped variant of the Dinosauria is also produced by the Legion, this model replaces the 75mm coaxial cannon with a coaxial heavy flamethrower, the fuel tank for the flamethrower is mounted on the back end of the unit. One of the 12.7mm heavy machine guns has also been replaced with a weaker 7.63mm general purpose machine gun. A wide range anti-personnel sensor is also installed on the flamethrower Dinosauria. This choice armament is very unusual for the Legion, as it focuses on incinerating its targets slowly and painfully instead of performing quick and efficient kills. The unit is reportedly controlled by a former Eighty-Six who was consumed by his hatred towards the Republic.