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| image =Spearhead_Squadron_(2).png
| image =Spearhead_Squadron_(2).png
{{Header|title = Federal Republic of Giad}}{{Hex|articlename = Frederica_Rosenfort|name = Frederica|image = FredericaRosenfort.jpg}}</div>
{{Header|title = Federal Republic of Giad}}{{Hex|articlename = Grethe_Wenzel|name = Grethe Wenzel}}{{Hex|articlename = Frederica_Rosenfort|name = Frederica|image = FredericaRosenfort.jpg}}</div>

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This page includes every character from the 86 -Eighty Six- series that has ever appeared in the story or mentioned in the light novels. We may not have every character listed. If you see someone missing feel free to create a page and include relevant information pertaining to their profile. *Note names and information will follow the Yen Press translation.

Spearhead Squadron
Federal Republic of Giad
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