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Brent Bernholdt (ベルント・ベルノルト, Berunto Berunoruto?) is a secondary supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series introduced in Run Through the Battlefront.

His Personal Name is Freki One (フレキ・ワン, Fureki Wan?).

Bernholdt is the captain of the 1st Armored Group's Vargus unit, the Nordlicht Squadron. He also acts as Shin's aide.


Bernholdt is a middle-age man with steel-gray hair and golden eyes. His overall appearance and atmosphere give an impression of an aged wolf, callous and brutal.


A seasoned warrior. Bernholdt is a brave and level-headed NCO who remains calm and rational despite being under pressure. He is very proud of his root as Vargus and is not bothered by his outcast status in the slightest.


Bernholdt and his fellow Vargus were born into an Onyx noble’s territory. According to him, they were treated rather generously by the Onyx noble and always received a keg of ale whenever they got married, had a kid, or when any of them died in battle. Since they were once an Onyx’s soldiers, the Pyrope nobles particularly saw them as even more of an eyesore. [4]

Before being transferred to the Nordlicht Squadron, Bernholdt had fought in the Legion War as a part of Vargus mercenary forces. He mostly piloted M4A3 Vánagandr before switching to XM2 Reginleif.[5]


Volume 2: Run Through the Battlefront (Start)[]

Chapter 1: Ride of the Valkyries

Within the Nordlicht Squadron, Bernholdt was assigned as the leader of Fourth Platoon and assistant to Second Lieutenant Shinei Nouzen. After a reinforcement sortie in FOB 15s combat zone, Bernholdt, along with Frederica, came to pick Shin up with a special heavy-transport vehicle. Though he complained regarding how his young commanding officer often left his escort units behind and charged onto the battlefield alone, Bernholdt had acknowledged that Shin's decision was sound, as the Vargus were accustomed the more sluggish Vánagandr and unable to keep up with Shin.


Shinei Nouzen[]

Bernholdt is Shin's assistant. The senior Sergeant holds a great deal of respect for Shin, despite being many times his age. He wishes for Shin and the rest of the Eighty-Six to find a future and never lose their humanity, unlike the Vargus who can't see themselves as anything but wolves.[1]


  • “It’s all about formality, Second Lieutenant. An army is an organization made up of people, after all. And since people are irrational and inefficient, the army is full of irrational and inefficient procedures.”— to Shin, in response to his suggestion to immediately dispose of the public's gifts for the Eighty-Six.[6]


  • Bernholdt's relationship with Shin parallels the relationship between Odin and his wolf, Freki.
    • Bernholdt's callsign is Freki One, while Shin is referred to as Báleygr, another name of Odin, by the Legion.
    • In Norse mythology, Freki and Geri are two wolves that are said to accompany Odin, which parallels Bernholdt's role as Shin's aide.
    • Bernholdt is Vargus and often compares himself to a wolf.
  • He is the oldest noncommissioned officer in the Strike Package.
  • Like Bernholdt, Raiden shares a Vargus heritage, making them distant relatives of the same ethnicity. When Bernholdt explains how the Vargus are lone wolves who don't like being in large groups, Shin mentions that it reminds him of how Raiden behaved during the early period of when they were assigned together.