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The Brísingamen Squadron (ブリジンガメン戦隊, Burijingamen-Sentai?), also known as the Queen's Knights (女王の家臣団, Joou no Kashindan?), was the squadron led by Vladilena Milizé following the Spearhead Squadron's departure. The squadron boasted one of the lowest casualty rates of any other squadron.[1]

The squadron was later integrated into the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package as the 1st Armored Group's Headquarters Defense Squadron "Brísingamen" (本部直衛戦隊“ブリジンガメン”, Honbu Naoe Sentai "Burijingamen"?).


The Brísingamen Squadron played an important role during the defense of the Republic in convincing the rest of the Eighty-Six to join Lena's cause. They worked as Lena's hands and feet on the front lines, preparing for the day the Legion committed to a large-scale offensive.

Their role within the Strike Package was to defend the 1st Armored Group's mobile headquarters: the Vanadis. They are also capable of acting as an assault squadron on the front line. The Brísingamen Squadron was unfortunately disbanded following the Mirage Spire Operation due to the deaths of many of its members, such as its vice captain. The remaining members were reassigned to other squadrons.


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