The first part of the 86: Eighty-Six anime adaptation will be collected across a span of four Blu-ray and DVD volumes.

Part 1[edit | edit source]

Vol. 01[edit | edit source]

Jacket illustration by Shirabii

Release Date July 28, 2021
Blu-ray Catalogue No. ANZX-15861
DVD Catalogue No. ANZB-15861
Episodes #1: Undertaker
#2: Spearhead

Limited Edition Bonus:

  • Original novel "86 - Eighty-Six - Magical Girl Regina ☆ Lena ~Fight! Galactic Navigating Battleship San Magnolia~" written by Asato Asato
  • Original illustrations and three-sided case drawn by Shirabii
  • Collection of setting reference-material
  • Special digipak
  • Booklet of interview with series director Toshimasa Ishii
  • Video collection:
    • Promotional videos, commercials, and WEB notice
    • Creditless opening and ending theme videos
  • Audio commentary:
    • Episode 1 by Ikumi Hasegawa and Nobuhiro Nakayama
    • Episode 2 by Ikumi Hasegawa and Shoya Chiba[1]

Vol. 02[edit | edit source]

Release Date August 25, 2021
Blu-ray Catalogue No. ANZX-15863
DVD Catalogue No. ANZB-15863
Episodes #3: I Don't Want to Die
#4: Real Name
#5: I'm With You

Limited Edition Bonus:

  • Original novel written by Asato Asato
  • Original illustration and three-sided case drawn by Shirabii
  • Bonus audio-drama CD
  • Special digipak
  • Staff interview booklet
  • Audio commentary
    • Episode 3 by (TBA)
    • Episode 4 by (TBA)
    • Episode 5 by (TBA)
  • Bonus video

Vol. 03[edit | edit source]

Release Date September 29, 2021
Blu-ray Catalogue No. ANZX-15865
DVD Catalogue No. ANZB-15865
Episodes #6: Through to the End
#7: Will You Remember Me?
#8: Let's Go

Vol. 04[edit | edit source]

Release Date October 27, 2021
Blu-ray Catalogue No. ANZX-15867
DVD Catalogue No. ANZB-15867
Episodes #9: Goodbye
#10: Thank You

Part 2[edit | edit source]


References[edit | edit source]

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