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Anju Emma (アンジュ・エマ, Anju Ema?) is a primary supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series.

Her Personal Name is Snow Witch (スノウウィッチ, Sunouwicchi?).

She was a platoon member and later platoon leader of the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package's Spearhead Squadron. She serves as their support fire and artillery provider.


While she is mostly Adularia—as shown by her long silvery-blue hair—the pale blue eyes she inherited from a distant Celesta ancestor condemned her to being discriminated against as an Eighty-Six. She is 170 cm tall and wears scavenged desert camouflage fatigues like the rest of Spearhead Squadron. She later switches to the Federacy's steel-colored panzer jacket uniform.

Due to her mixed Adularia and Celesta blood, she was physically abused in the concentration camps by other Eighty-Six. During a conversation with Kurena in the showers, she reveals a derogatory inscription—"Whore's daughter"—carved into her back by her abusers. She grows her hair long to hide the scars.


While usually a graceful and modest girl, she reveals a ruthlessness on the battlefield comparable to any of the members of her squadron. Anju is also somewhat mischievous, conspiring with Kaie to tease Kurena about her affections for Shin.

She has a tendency to hide her feelings as mentioned by Shin when she broke down in tears during the fireworks display. She also tries to hide her past abuses, growing out her hair and not revealing her body to hide her scars from the other girls in Spearhead.


Anju was born on October 2nd RY 351 / SY 2132 to two Alba Republic citizens. Her hometown was a small eastern city in the Republic of San Magnolia.[4] Once the Special Wartime Peace Preservation Act was issued, Anju and her mother were sent to the Eighty-Sixth Sector due to their blue eyes inherited from a distant ancestor.

Anju was physically abused by the other Eighty-Six in the internment camps. As someone with mostly Alba heritage, she was a perfect outlet for the others to lash out on. The abusers carved into her back a derogatory inscription, ever since she wore her hair long to hide the scar. Once she had enlisted, she was assigned into a squadron with Daiya Irma. The two would stick with each other for the entirety of their service, developing feelings for each other in the process.

After some time, Anju and Daiya joined the Claymore Squadron along with Shin, Raiden, Theo, and Kurena. The six were then sent to the First Ward's Spearhead Squadron four years into Anju's service in RY 367.


Combat Skill[]

Anju is specialized in area suppression and crowd control, having exchanged the traditional 88mm bore gun of her unit for a multiple-launch rocket pad for greater area-of-effect power. She has a keen ability to predict the enemy forces movement and position in order to deal maximum possible damage in one blow.



  • Anju's personal name Snow Witch links her to Daiya, whose personal name is Black Dog. In European mythology, the black dog can "serve as a familiar for witches." The close friendship between Anju and Daiya is compared to the bond between a familiar spirit and a magician, the strength of which is shown by Anju's reaction to Daiya's death and the lasting effect his death has on her.[5]
  • Her associated flower in the Blu-Ray & DVD Bonus Box Art is the Sweet Pea Flower.
  • Anju's default expression when angry is to smile widely, which is described to be "terrifying".