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The Ameise (斥候型アーマイゼ, Āmaize?) is the Scout Type Legion unit. It is functionally the Legion equivalent of an infantryman. Its name is derived from the German word for ant. As one of the most common types of Legion, it uses specialized sensors to perform scouting and reconnaissance for larger, less perceptive Legion units such as the Löwe and Dinosauria. The Ameise also provides forward observation for the Legion's Skorpion and Morpho artillery units, pinpointing targets for barrages. Additionally, it is also used as an anti-personnel unit.


The Ameise is a comparatively smaller sized and lighter ground unit that usually supports the other heavy offensive units. It weighs around 10 tons and has a compact streamlined body for high mobility. The Ameise employs a hexapedal walker system. Two 7.62mm anti-personnel machine gun are attached on either sides of the body for close combat. The Ameise was later outfitted with 14 mm machine guns in order to combat lightly armored units such as the XM2 Reginleif.[1] It has a sensory unit part of its glacial plate pointed forwards. It is extremely light armored, so even 12.7 mm machine guns on the M1A4 Juggernaut can penetrate and destroy the Ameise.