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The Alkonost (アルカノスト, Arukonosuto?) is the semiautonomous Feldreß that comprise the bulk of the United Kingdom's forces. The Alkonost is specifically designed to be piloted by Sirins, but can be controlled by humans to a much lesser efficiency.


The Alkonost is, according to Slavic mythos and folklore, a woman-headed bird. It makes amazingly beautiful sounds, and those who hear these sounds forget everything they know and want nothing more ever again. She lives in the underworld with her counterpart, the Sirin.


The Alkonost is designed for combat on snowy fields, on icy surfaces and cold regions. Like the Barushka Matushka, the Alkonost has five pairs of legs, except its legs are long, multi-jointed and are equipped with talons that stab into the terrain for easier movement.


It is armed with a 105mm gun/launcher which can fire ATGM - Anti-Tank Guided Missiles and HE - High Explosive shells that can decimate Legion in close range bombardment. Its secondary armament is a coaxial 14mm heavy machine gun to the right side of the main gun. The Alkonost is described as having bluish-white armor that allows it to blend with the snowy environment of the United Kingdom along with a blue optical sensor, unlike the red optical sensor seen in Republic and Federacy-designed Feldreẞ.

Protection & Mobility[]

The Alkonosts are designed for close combat like Undertaker and the Legion's Grauwolf. In terms of mobility, they are comparable to the Reginleif and use similar tactics such as isolating and destroying individual Legion units, being lightly armored and agile. The Alkonost is even lightweight enough to climb up trees and have them support their weight. However, the Sirins' way of fighting are fundamentally different from Reginleif Processors as Sirin's can be backed up and replaced when broken. Compensating for lack of skill with recklessness, the Sirins fight with the knowledge that they will likely be destroyed in the process. They have a habit of stalling opponents, suicidally charging at and clinging to enemies to take them out in chunks. Examples include, clinging to Legion units to either individually or swarm them and tear them apart, an Alkonost clinging to a Grauwolf in a tree and dropping them both to damage it and another one rushing directly at a Löwe while being pursued by self-propelled mines in order to destroy it.


The cockpit of the Alkonost isn't too different from the Reginleif. Aside from the entrance being from a rear canopy rather than the top, the necessary functions, ergonomic design rationality, switches and gauges were more or less similar as both Feldreẞ are from the same generation and are designed to be operated by humanoid pilots. An experienced Reginleif Processor could master the controls within few training sessions.