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"Death, Be Not Proud" (死よ、驕るなかれ, Shiyo, Ogoru Nakare?) is the fifth volume of the 86 -Eighty Six- light novel series. The volume covers the first half of the fourth story arc of the series, depicting the Strike Package's new mission to support their allied nation—the United Kingdom of Roa Gracia—while introducing a new foil to the Eighty-Six and giving a new perspective to their pride.


A monster lives in a northern country.


May even death not do us part.

Viktor Idinarohk, Artificial Fairy Outline



Live to fight. Die with honor. That was all the Eighty-Six knew, and they were proud. However, seeing themselves reflected in the Sirins-slaughtered by the thousands, with nothing to show for it-a crack has formed in their ironclad resolve. Shin's mind festers with doubt. At the same time, Lena's heart tears at the seams as she struggles to understand him. Will the two find common ground over the course of the United Kingdom operation? Or will they only drift further apart...?[1]


  • Prologue: The King of Corpses序章 屍の王
  • Chapter 1: Melancholy of Monsters第一章 怪物どもの憂愁
  • Chapter 2: Citadel of the Swans第二章 白鳥の砦
  • Chapter 3: Deaf to the Songbirds' Lament第三章 シンギング・バードの嘆きも知らず
  • Chapter 4: Ex Machina第四章 エクスマキナ
  • Epilogue: Flowers Bloom Not on Snowy Fields終章 花など咲かぬ、雪の野に



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  • The cover of this volume can be seen in the second OVA of Eromanga-Sensei after Eromanga Sensei receives a copy to give to her stepbrother. Both Eromanga-Sensei and 86 share the same light night novel publisher, Dengeki Bunko.
  • The title of this volume is a reference to "Death, Be Not Proud"—the opening line to Sonnet X, written by English poet John Donne.
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